Team prizes

1st place - $250 in Dealer Dollars usable at the convention dealer room

2nd place - $100 in Dealer Dollars

3rd place - $50 in Dealer Dollars

Raffle Prizes

Rough: The Card Game & Five $5 Game Crafter Certificates

Some games are tough, some are torture, some are easy, but this game is Rough. This game strives to take the game play dynamics everyone is used to and turn them on their head. A fast paced game where people are sometimes eliminated from the game before they even get to play a card. Players get five cards at the beginning of the game. Players play a card on their turn that forces one player, two players, or the whole group to perform a physical, or ridiculous task to stay in the game. Asking the question, who wants it more? Turn after turn people will be eliminated, and the winner of the game, is the last player in the game. Designed for those with the super competitive edge.

Donated by Monkey Finger Games & Eric Bryan Seuthe II

Monkey Finger Games

A small tabletop game designer/publishing company in the Los Angeles Valley. Specializing in family and social games, Monkey Finger Games just recently successful published it's first major game Rough in early 2015.

Eric Bryan Seuthe II

Creator of Monkey Finger Games, and head designer of Rough: The Card Game.


CONTINGENCY is a unique head-to-head strategic board game where players skillfully command the role of a devious assassin or the cunning bodyguard. Players take turns revealing secret maneuvers and following the instructions on the card. The instructions are simple, but new and interesting strategies evolve through an elegant mechanic and emergent gameplay. Will the bodyguards be able to save the target, or will the assassin succeed with an unexpected range kill?

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Donated by Brandon Hegland