LA Board Game Jam is a competition where ten teams will have just five hours to brainstorm, design, test, and complete a board game. Each team will be given an identical set of materials and a broad theme to use as a starting point. After time expires the games will be judged by other teams, outside players, and the official judges. The teams with the best entries will then be announced and given prizes!

Last time at Gamex 2015 we had 7 teams and 39 participants who created a boardgame based on the theme of "Roommates". This time we will be hosting the event in the Bel Air Room and hope to see another round of amazing games created and shared.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

When / Where?

The competition is sponsored by and will take place at Gateway 2015, one of the largest board game conventions on the west coast. The competition will take place on Sunday, September 6th in the Bel Air Room. Attendees must check in by 11:00 AM for orientation, team assignment and the theme announcement.

Parking information


Click the Sign Up button and fill out the registration form!

If you already have friends who want to be in your team, make sure to include their names in the form. If you don't, no problem! We will assign you to a team the day of the competition.

Please make sure to purchase one of the following in order to attend the jam:

  • A full pass to Gateway.
  • A day pass for Sunday at Gateway.
  • A single event pass for the LA Board Game Jam.


  • 11:00: Orientation, theme announcement, team assignment
  • 11:30: Materials handed out, Brainstorm, and Design time!
  • 4:00: Time's up! Playtesting and judging period
  • 5:30: Winners announced! 


Feel free to email us if you have any questions or are interested in helping sponsor LA Board Game Jam!

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