1. What's included with my ticket?

    Each entry ticket includes the following:
    • Access to the entire 12 hour open gaming event,
    • Participation in the Board Game Jam Competition (if interested), 
    • One ticket for the opportunity drawing (multiple prizes available),
    • Soda/snacks/desserts
    • Discounted dining at several local restaurants
  2. What's so great about Cross Campus Pasadena?

    The real question is what isn't great about Cross Campus!  It's a beautiful space with large tables, comfortable chairs, sofas, a coffee bar, and amazing restaurants within a short walk!  It's what gaming in style is all about!  Check out some photos of the space here or here.

    Cross Campus Pasadena is at 87 North Raymond Avenue Pasadena, CA 91103 (View Map).  Please note, the building is a historic building and does not have an elevator.  Our event is being held on the 2nd floor, so you'll have to navigate one flight of stairs.
  3. I'm really new to board gaming.  Should I still come?

    Definitely!  The Board of Games is the premiere group in Southern California for introducing new players to the world of board games.  We're happy to introduce you to other like minded folks, show you some of the latest, cool board games, and teach you how to play.

    Also, we'd love to have you help out our Game Jammers by serving as one of the playtesters for their new creations.   For every game you playtest during the competition, you will earn a free ticket for the opportunity drawing!
  4. I don't know how to make a board game. Can I still participate in the Game Jam?

    Yes, of course!  Whether you are a new fan of board gaming or a seasoned game design veteran, everyone is welcome to participate in the creative process of designing a game.  We will have game design mentors who can help you and your team through the creative process, give tips or advice, or help brainstorm ideas and solutions. 
  5. What prizes do participants get?

    Grand prize is $250. $200 store credit at The Board of Games (they will be present at the event) and $50 gift certificate to The Game Crafter. Second and third place will get gift certificates to Game Haus Cafe and their choice of a prize from our prize table.

    Additionally, there will be opportunity drawings at 6:30 for various prizes, such as Pandemic Legacy, Codenames, and Blood Rage.  Anyone can participate in these drawings (and you'll have the chance to buy more tickets throughout the afternoon in advance of the drawings).
  6. Where should we park?

    The closest parking lot is:

    One Colorado Parking Garage
    24 E Union St, Pasadena, CA 91103

    On the weekends it is a flat $6 rate.

  7. Is there a youth or child ticket?

    Youth and children under 14 are free. They just cannot participant in the game design challenge. During the design challenge, we ask that children keep out of the game design area for their safety. They can join in on the open gaming and can be a playtester for one of the game design teams, if they agree. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  8. Who owns the game designs/intellectual property created during the event?

    We want to make it clear that the event organizers do not have any rights, claims, or ownership of any intellectual property created during the event. It is our hope that all the members of a team equally own all the designs that they create. However, that is up for each team to decide on their own.
  9. Who's judging the event?

    Check out our judging panel.
  10. Who's running this event?

    The game jam is being run by a mixed group of game jam veterans and board game enthusiasts. It is our hope to make this event a regular occurrence. If you want to join us in making more board game jams, please contact us at [email protected].