1. How can I participant?

    You need to purchase a weekend pass for Gateway 2016 to participant and then sign-up on our registration form. You can sign up as a team (just let us know your teammates) or we can pair you on a team if you currently don't have one.
  2. I don't know how to make a board game. Can I still participate in the Game Jam?

    Yes, of course!  Whether you are a new fan of board gaming or a seasoned game design veteran, everyone is welcome to participate in the creative process of designing a game.  We will have a game design clinic on Saturday evening with game designers who can help you and your team through the creative process, give tips or advice, or help brainstorm ideas and solutions. 
  3. What prizes do participants get?

    The prizes are:
    • 1st Place: $200 in Dealer Dollars
    • 2nd Place: $100 in Deal Dollars
    • 3rd Place: $50 in Dealer Dollars
    • Other teams participating will get their pick of our board game prize pool (to be determined later)
  4. What is the schedule for the event?

    Friday, Sept 2, 6pm-6:30pm: 1st Intro Meeting for the LA Board Game Jam competition
    For those that can attend the con early, participants will get first crack at forming teams, obtaining the supplies and theme, and learn the rules. Then enjoy the convention. We will have the Newport B room for the entire weekend for teams to come in and work on their designs.

    Saturday, Sept 3, 10am-10:30am: 2nd Intro Meeting for the LA Board Game Jam competition
    For those who cannot attend the con early on Friday, participants will form teams, obtain the supplies and theme, and learn the rules.

    Saturday, Sept 3, 4-6pm: Game Design Clinics
    Teams will get a chance to get feedback on their design or ideas.

    Sunday, Sept 4, 1-4pm: Presentation and Judging period
    Teams will present their game to everyone and have a few rounds played by the judges and prizes are awarded.
  5. Who owns the game designs/intellectual property created during the event?

    We want to make it clear that the event organizers do not have any rights, claims, or ownership of any intellectual property created during the event. It is our hope that all the members of a team equally own all the designs that they create. However, that is up for each team to decide on their own.
  6. Who's judging the event?

    Our judging panel includes Ben Doeckel, Dan McCollum, Eric Elder, and Scott Rogers.

    Our game advisor for our Game Clinic on Saturday evening is jim pinto.
  7. Who's running this event?

    The game jam is being run by a mixed group of game jam veterans and board game enthusiasts. It is our hope to make this event a regular occurrence. If you want to join us in making more board game jams, please contact us at [email protected].