Help us launch an awesome gaming event in Los Angeles!


Dear Friends and Fellow Board Game Enthusiasts,

We are seeking sponsors for the Los Angeles Board Game Jam!  The L.A. Board Game Jam will take place at Cross Campus Pasadena: Saturday, January 30th, 2015.

This event will be a place for aspiring game designers, artists, and creative people to come together to create a board game from concept, to design, to prototype, to play test, and demo… all in just 5 hours. Teams will be mentored by veteran game designers to guide them through the process and provide advice to create some very cool games, win admiration from their peers, and win prizes.

Here are a few ways you could help make this jam possible:

  1. Donate game ‘kit’ materials.  Each of our ten (10) teams will receive an identical ‘kit’ of materials to use in the creation of their board game.  These kits will include ample resources (cubes, meeples, tokens, counters, etc.) and other basic needs (cardstock, markers, etc.).
  2. Donate team awards and/or prizes in our opportunity drawing.  We are also seeking prizes to award to our most outstanding teams and lucky participants who take part in our opportunity drawings.  These could include a wide range of items, from board games and gift certificates to anything else you think participants might enjoy!
  3. Make a financial contribution.   If you’re short on meeples or time, don’t worry! We would be honored to accept your financial gift in support of our project as well.

Please let us know how you would like to help; we look forward to working with you. Thank you!


Rex Lorenzo
[email protected]

What is a “board game jam”?

The term game jam is composition of the words game and jam session. A jam session is the process of producing music with little or no prior preparation in effort to develop new material or just to practice. In the same way, a game jam is an event in which game designers prototype experimental ideas into playable games in a short amount of time. Traditionally game jams have been primarily focused on creating videos games, but creating board games have become an increasingly popular medium for design and development.  [Info from this Wikipedia article:]

Who is leading the L.A. Board Game Jam?

The game jam is being run by a mixed group of game jam veterans and board game enthusiasts. It is our hope to make this event a regular occurrence.

Can you tell me more about “Cross Campus Pasadena”, the location where the Jam is taking place?

Cross Campus is a coworking and office space in the heart of Old Town Pasadena. They have built a community of creative professionals and entrepreneurs and host many events involving the tech and creative communities.

What do we get in return for our sponsorship?

Would our eternal gratitude be enough? You will not only get that, but you will also get recognition on our website (, but also social media shout outs on our Twitter and Facebook page. Also, your company will be display on the event banner on display during our event and we will also recognize your contributions during our opening and closing ceremonies. Plus you will make it possible for our 10 teams to complete their games and allow their creations to be shared with countless more people.